Posted on February 9th, 2021

Regular Monthly Meeting – Minutes

Members Present: Jeff Brown, Brent James, Roger Metts, Russ Goodman

Others Present: Chad Corlee (Authority Attorney), Willie Hardee (Homerville Interim Mayor), Jacelyn James (Clinch Co. Commissioner Executive) Adam Tolle (Authority Accountant), Lori James and Denise Brown (Clinch Board of Education, and Debbie Barber

Call to Order: Chairman Brown called the meeting to order.

Review and Adoption of the Minutes:

Motion: Approved from the November meeting. Metts made the motion and James seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Financial Statement: 
Adam Tolle discussed the Statement of Cash Flows and the Development Authority Statement of Net Position 11-30-2020. It was discussed that the DA needs to pay the Clinch Chamber every 12 months for rent and salaries, and Tolle asked it be paid by the end of the fiscal year. Brown recommended it to be paid in January, 2021. Metts made a motion to approve the budget and James seconded. All approved unanimously.

New Business:
  • Great American Cobbler Company/ Georgia Berry Company RLF- Brown stated everything was “on track” with the requested RLF loans and should be dispensed in the very near future. Linda Carroll had sent a checklist to both companies to finalize and everything was up to par. Brown stated that once we know the exact dollar figure it will need to be put in the Clinch County News. Brown also stated that between the City and the County we will be able to fund both projects.
  • Mauser- Brown stated that Mauser has asked the DA to help them fund improvements to the lighting and sprinkler system in the building they rent from the DA. They have rented for nearly 20 years with no request for improvements. They are asking for DA to pay ½ of the cost that was close to $20,000 total.
  • Brown recommended approval of the request. Metts made a motion to approve and James seconded.
  • Clinch County Board of Education- Lori James presented a slide show on the proposed New School for Clinch County. She gave an overview of the cost and what the local community would be responsible for. Many questions were asked and she was able to provide much information.
Old Business: 
  • Great American Cobbler Company and GA Berry Company- was discussed in depth in the new business.  
Chairman Brown adjourned the meeting.
  • Motion: James made the motion to adjourn and Goodman seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.
There was no other business to come before the Authority. The meeting was adjourned by President Jeff Brown.

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