Georgia's Competitive Advantage
We are lucky to live in Georgia. The State offers many business advantages.

Check them out:

Georgia has numerous tax credits and incentives for qualifying businesses. These include:
  • Job Tax Credit
  • Quality Jobs Tax Credit
  • Port Tax Credit Bonus
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Mega Project Tax Credit
  • Investment Tax Credit
  • Optional Investment Tax Credit
  • Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Retraining Tax Credit
  • Child-Care Tax Credit
  • Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Tax Credit

Because Clinch County is considered a Tier One community and listed in the Bottom 40, there are special programs and provisions available to businesses in our community. One of which is a Jobs Tax Credit of $4,000 for two or more jobs created for up to five years. Another is a 3% investment tax credit. You can find out more information on Georgia’s tax credits here.