What is Georgia Work Ready?

Georgia Work Ready was created to ensure that Georgia's workers have the best skills, easy access to training and world-class job opportunities. The backbone of the initiative is the Work Ready Certificate, which assesses the real world skills of Georgia's workers. Georgians can use their Work Ready Certificate to prove their work readiness to potential employers. Georgia also offers gap training aimed at helping to improve Certificate scores, enabling career growth and continued on-the-job success. This, combined with an innovative job profiling process that accurately identifies the exact skills required for specific jobs is helping create the perfect match between Georgia workers and jobs.

Benefits of Work Ready

Earning a Work Ready Certificate can be your ticket to the job you've always wanted. And it's free and easy to access. The Certificate verifies your work readiness skill level to potential employers and demonstrates your commitment to success. If you want to improve your skills, Georgia also offers free and easy-to-access training programs. All of this adds up to a competitive advantage, better job opportunities and a brighter future.

Work Ready in Clinch County

Industries across Clinch County have embraced the Work Ready Program and have begun to incorporate it into their employment application processes. Many employers in many different fields have taken the Georgia Work Ready assessment making employment for candidates of all ages a more thorough and thoughtful process. Clinch County is proud to boast its 263 certificates earned as of November 2011.
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