Community Information
Taxes & Incentives
Effective Property Tax: $13.34 per $1,000 FMV
Total Millage Rate: 33.35
Total Sales Tax: 8%
Opportunity Zone: No
Less Developed Census Tract: No
Military Zone: No

County Laborforce: 2,552
County Average Weekly Wage: $700
Draw Area Laborforce: 69,514
Workers Employed in County
Residents of County: 50.8%
Residents of Other Counties: 49.2%

Top Draw Area Colleges & Universities

Technical College
Coastal Pines Technical College

Job Tax Credit: $4000
Job Tax Credit Tier: 1
Investment Tax Credit: 5%
Federal Opp. Zone: Yes
Foreign Trade Zone: No
New Market Tax Credit: Yes

County Unemployment Rate: 4.2%
Draw Area Average Weekly Wage: $699

Working Residents
- Working in Clinch County: 56.3%
- Working in Other Counties: 43.7%


City: Waycross
County: Ware
Enrollment: 5,371